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Seven Secrets to Manifest Money Fast

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Manifest money fast is a process of adopting new empowering beliefs that will allow you to shift your vibration. As your, vibration begins to change, you develop yourself into a suitable container for money, abundance, and prosperity. Think of it this way, and you would never pour water into a paper bag. A paper bag is not a fitting container for liquids. Glass, however, is perfect for holding water. The only question left to ask is if the glass you hold is large enough for the amount of water you want to drink? Individuals with a poverty mindset spend most of their time attracting poverty. Remember when it comes to the Law of Attraction, likes to attract likes. 100% of the time a scarcity mindset is held because of a person’s core beliefs and values.

Next, we get to the idea of speed. The gunk that slows down the gears of attracting money fast is limiting belief and fears. Both are negative lower vibrational feelings. Both are damaging to obtaining money quickly. Both can be changed with new and empowering beliefs.
Throughout history those who have attracted large amounts of abundance and money have made massive changes to the way they think, beginning with their beliefs.

These changes of mind, are responsible for incredible stories from the life of people like Walt Disney, to Colonel Sander. Winners, in every endeavor in life, invoke extreme change simply by changing their thoughts. This shift ultimately transforms their energy field and what they attract. The following are seven secrets you can begin to employ today to attract money fast into your life. These are tested principals that always work.

  1. Set clear Intentions and goals.
    The Universe becomes a far more active partner in helping you create the life you desire when your intentions are specific. You don’t just want money fast; you want X amount of dollars fast or even more. Once I walked into a casino with only $1.00 in my pocket, having forgotten my wallet at home. Amazingly, I walked out of the casino with a sizeable sum of money. I set an intention that I wanted to turn that dollar into $20.00. I could have driven home to get my wallet, but I was already there and decided to invoke the power of the Law of Attraction. By the time the dust settled that day, I had won $2400! Remember, I started with only $1.00
  2. Invoke the power of your subconscious mind.
    There are many tools you should be using from creative visualization to affirmations and incantations. You must bury your mind in your desires, and new belief. The more you do this, the better. Make your new statements and beliefs an entire lifestyle. Continue to raise your standards and expect more from yourself daily.
  3. Feel the Money.
    Fill your mind with thoughts of already having the money you need in your wallet or bank account. Imagine driving your new car, or living in your new home, or taking your dream vacation. About ten years ago I had the urge to travel to India. I began burning Indian incense, listening to Indian music, eating Indian food. I employed the power of the Law of Attraction. Within two months I was provided an entire trip to India, with a 5-star hotel, tours, everything I had imagined and even more. I met and studied with deeply spiritual people. It was a fantastic journey and a life changing experience. The entire trip was attracted through my ability to feel the money. In this case, I experienced the trip in my mind, and the money was provided to take the journey.
  4. Send Energy to Your Intention for FAST MONEY.
    There are many ways to do this. In this point, I will share one method that has proven to be extremely useful.
    Step One: Clear some space in an area of your house. Burn some cleansing incense such as Sage, or Frankincense, or even Sandalwood. When it comes to money, I learn in the direction of sandalwood.
    Step Two: Light four candles in the four corners of your room. These candles serve as the light and as also symbols that you are pulling metaphysically from all four directions and all four elements, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.
    Step Three: Stand in the center of your space and close your eyes with your hand out, palms facing each other as if holding a ball of light. Visualize the light growing in between your hands. Fill this ball of light with your intention. One way to do this is to recite your affirmation into the ball of light and feel your affirmation growing in power and intensity.manifest money fast
    Step Four: Release the ball of light with your intention upward into the heavens. With your eyes still closed visualize the ball of light exploding in the heavens and causing it to rain gold coins all around you. Feel the money, see the gold, allow the excitement to fill your body with enthusiasm. Wealth, prosperity, and money are flowing to you from the INFINITE FIELD, THE UNIVERSE.
  5. Recite these two special affirmations in addition to other affirmations you may already be using:
    “Money is too easy to make.”
    “Money comes to me easily and quickly.”
  6. Respect the Money you already have.
    Look at the money in your wallet or on your computer, open to your back account and check your balance. No matter how little or small be grateful for the balance, and respect it. You can even say to your money; I respect you so much that I desire more of you, and you and I will work in harmony to accomplish the things important to me.
  7. Let it flow and let it go.
    Take daily action by doing your spiritual and inner work. Once you have begun taking action, stop thinking about it, stop worrying, and just allow your money to flow. Often the more you think about it, the slower the money flows. You will attract money fast when you let it go and let it flow using the power of the Law of Attraction.

I would like to hear your success stories. Be sure to send me a note. Also, I strongly suggest considering claiming your 30 minutes of Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching. When your request your 30 minutes, tell us that you want to attract more money fast. And for those of you who do not have the time to work one on one in a private mentoring situation, check out our super attraction program called, THE GUARANTEE. Learn to attract anything you desire within 28 days, guaranteed.

miracle mentoringmiracle mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching & Alchemy Life Coaching

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7 Responses

  1. Wow Robert I love this article. Visualize the specific money you desire. (Say $10,000) truly feel the emotion of having it now. Most important be grateful to the Universe for providing it, the use the Law of Detachment. Let it go to let it flow, do not worry where or when it will arrive, those are feelings or fear and anxiety. Trust the Universe. Great advice can’t wait to use Step 4.

    1. The key is to believe and act as if the money is in your bank account or in your wallet. Jim Carrey walked around for years with a 20 Million dollar check in his wallet and every time he opened his wallet, and he would see this 20 million and re-awaken active and powerful feelings.

  2. I’ve been in this situation many times until I realized why things went wrong and why some things didn’t last for me. I didn’t invoke into my subconscious mind. I kept my affirmations with the universe. Once I finally set it in stone, it became better and better. A strong will and a mindset it started transforming for me. I had money issues, unpaid bills, and I was on the verge of breaking down when I started reading and getting mentoring. All of a sudden after a week I was kept saying to myself ” Well, I will receive good news today.” Little did I know I received a letter in the mail telling me that 2000 dollars will be transferred to my bank account because of payback they owed me. I called to make sure to see if it was true. I got the whole run down, and I was in tears. The person who was assisting me was about to get off the phone with me asked is there anything I can assist you with anything else? I said, “Yes, I would like to thank you and hope you have a wonderful day.” Baffled as the call person was they replied with, “Your very welcome and thank you for the kindness I can go home with a smile on my face.” Hung up and at that moment, I realized for sure the Law of Attraction worked for me. Paid off the bills, let my husband know not worry about it I got it all taken care of. From the money left over got the kids a few things and I felt like a million bucks walking through the store thinking, “Hey this is awesome, I can afford it and not say no my kids finally.” I love the feeling not to worry anymore about it, but I love the feeling of knowing the universe has my back. I even got a small talisman on my necklace with a real four leaf clover in it. Every time I kiss it or look it at it reminds everyday nothing is impossible. I am thankful for it all and most important I can attract anything I want. It’s not stopping me here; more goals are in the works. I have no more fear. Thank you, Robert, you really changed a life here. I am applying it to push it further to achieving bigger and better goals.

    1. Whatever limit you reach, you can take it higher and to another limit. In truth, there is no limit and you are proving it.

  3. These steps are bringing me to a new level of business sales, and personal prosperity. I would encourage others to work through these steps that Robert suggests, listen to the podcast daily, and use I AM statements! I love the vibration of money, thanks to changing my mind and feeling the feelings of what I desire! Thanks for these great resources so that we may all have, do and be whatever we desire!

  4. Hello Robert.. I have been practising your ” for money tapping” video for weeks now.
    I am pleased doing it. Coincidense or not, what i am tapping for is having a clearer sense
    of happenning. I will coninue doing this..and i am now interested in reading the things you
    publish here in You Tube. I am in a far away country now..but i have means to follow your
    teachings..I am tapping for more money ,so i can help immediate family members..And for myself as well. Thank you Robert..

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