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Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Did you know that when a baby is conceived, in the 4th week, the baby’s heart starts beating in the mother’s womb but at that time the baby does not have a brain? THAT is how strong our hearts are. Our hearts are 10,000 times stronger electrically and 5,000 times stronger magnetically, than the brain. Yet, we tend to use our minds when we desire something, when we want to manifest our intentions or to make life decisions.

Understanding how to manifest from the heart is one of the key secrets to making the Law of Attraction work every single time. Yes, visualizations and feelings with a strong belief are important but when you manifest from a place of love and faith, you start seeing the world change around you much faster.

When you use affirmations, visualizations and positivity you use only one type of manifesting energy – mind energy. And it is absolutely possible to manifest using your mind, but it is so much faster and more effective to manifest with heart energy. 

Tapping into your heart energy automatically lines up all the other mental elements of Law of Attraction. You start thinking more positive, you believe you can manifest anything you desire, you open yourself up to receiving, you learn to go with the flow and you learn to trust.

There is no struggle. There is no resistance. There is no doubt.

That’s the power of heart energy.

So, what is Heart Energy?

Heart energy is aligning with the universe and being ONE with the potential to be, do or have anything. It is an all-consuming energy that smoothens out all your problems, obstacles and helps open you up to a world of possibilities. 

This kind of energy is limitless – you learn to tap into your highest self that literally gives you the power to move mountains.

However, very few people genuinely know how to manifest from the heart and there are very few coaches or LoA experts teaching it.

Heart energy involves going deep within you, into that quiet place that moves you from what you see and what you do and letting go of the illusion of control. When you do so, you achieve wholeness, become centered, and find internal peace. You also have the ability to manifest ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

It does take a little time to learn how to manifest from the heart. You have to practice every day at first, but before you know it, it’s as natural as breathing. You will wonder why you ever did it any other way before

How does one tap into Heart Energy?

Follow the few steps below and tap into your highest self to manifest from your heart:

  1. Bring all your attention into your heart area. Connect with the feeling of love and love energy there. ‘Feel’ this love energy taking over you.
  2. Feel this energy all around your heart expanding…. feel it spreading all through your body until every single cell is filled with this energy. Feel this energy radiating through you.
  3. Expand this energy all around you and feel it radiating out from you everywhere.
  4. If there is something specific that you desire to manifest, fill that with heart energy too. Picture it being a part of you, surrounded with your heart energy. See it in your heart and fill it with love. Become one with it.

It will not matter where in the world this desire is or if it even exists because by simply being one with your intention and sending it heart energy, it will get drawn to you like a magnet. 

The manifestations powered by our hearts never lead us astray because the heart center is our connection with the Universe and our Higher Selves. Our hearts knows exactly what we are supposed to do and become.. On the other hand, the mind carries a lot of baggage that influences what we believe, think, and ultimately, manifest. 

When you use heart energy, you use Universal power to amplify the Law of Attraction and manifest your desire. Manifesting from the heart transforms the Law of Attraction from something you try to do on your own with your mind to something that you create hand-in-hand with the Universe.

The key is to get out of your head and stop thinking, enjoy the process and let it flow!

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  1. Hey Sheena This is Karan Here from India I wish to learn About The Heart Energy infact I want to experience it could you teach me To How To Tap Into the Heart Energy Plz…

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