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Astonishing Law Of Attraction Results With The Seven Knob Candle

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Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Here is simple idea that will change how you invoke astonishing Law of Attraction results. The problem is that most people cut of the positive flow of energy because they question how everything works. The result is that they end up not getting what they desire. The truth is when you set a goal that is large; you may not know exactly how you will attract whatever it is you want. But if you trust the universe and follow these simple instructions I am about to give you, you will see unbelievable law of attraction results in no time at all.

Because you don’t know how the universe will deliver what you desired Law of Attraction results, you begin questioning and asking questions. You may be one of those over thinkers who think and worry about it all day long. By the time you go to bed you are wiped out from over thinking. After a few weeks you are tired, worried, moving into a state of non-belief and about ready to give up on your desired Law of Attraction results. You are one of the many who have tried the Law of Attraction but have not fully lived it and let it go. A simple change in your thinking habits will allow you to receive incredible Law of Attraction results.

Naturally you are doing all the things you have read. You may have a vision board. You are likely doing affirmations. You may be spending time performing creative visualization. It’s all good and all useless if you don’t or can’t let go and trust the universe to deliver your desired Law of Attraction results.

This simple trick really works. I know I have used it several times to get exactly the Law of Attraction results I wanted. This method keeps my mind focused and allows me the freedom to release my fears of failure and my over thinking and questioning. I have used this magical method to bring me both love and money.

The method getting Law of Attraction results I am about to share with you boarders on magic. But then again, what is magic? All magic is based on some level on the Law of Attraction.

In this simple method of attraction you are going to need the following:

1. Seven Knob Candle

2. Pure Olive Oil

3. Your written intention or goal

4. Some pictures of your goal (Optional)

Seven knob candles come in a variety of colors.

1. White for deeper spiritual connection and healing

2. Red for love

3. Green for money

4. Black to absorb negative energy

Each morning or evening you will sit in a comfortable chair. The first time you perform this, simply rub a little olive oil on the candle and read your intention out loud. This is a easy method of anointing your candle with the intention it is intended for. (When applying the oil rub from the top down on the candle and use your thumb.)

Next, be specific with your intention. For example: ”I am manifesting large sums of money to buy a new home located on green mountain, ocean or someplace better.” (I generally say or “someplace better” which gives the universe the freedom and option of bringing me something better than what I asked for.)

After you are sitting in your chair, and everything is in order, lite the candle and recites your intention. Keep reciting it. Begin visualization work and make sure you emotionalize your visualization. Focus only on outcome. Feel it, see it, and know it. Continue to meditate on your goal or intention as long as the candle burns the first ball of wax. (7 knob candles are 7 knobs of wax) Then when the knob is fully finished, spend a minute in a moment of gratitude for what you are about to receive. Gratitude is a powerful tool used to see Law of Attraction results.

The good news you have done all the work you need to do for the day. Let it go. Do not think about your goals the rest of the day. The only time you will think of your goal or intention is when you see the candle. If you mind begins to question everything, simply say quietly to you, “I accept what I do not understand.” Let it go until you are ready to do the next knob the next day. (Do not do all knobs on one day and think this is better.) Get three of these special candles and do it for 21 days. You will be amazed and shocked that you are doing mage level magic with a simple candle, some oil and some passion for your intentions and goals.You will also be amazed at the Law of Attraction results you see

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