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The Alchemical Power Of Anchoring


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Anchoring is a Neuro Linguistic Alchemy (NLA) technique for creating and changing an associated feeling or feelings in response to stimuli. We realize our inner mental, emotional and spiritual structure through anchoring in order to take information and transform it. We use anchoring as method for empowering us to take on new challenges and create more opportunities.

There are a variety of stimuli or anchors available. Do you see a cross and think of Christ? Symbols can be anchors.Does a certain word touch your heart because years ago you heard it over and over again from someone special in your life? Words can be anchors. Have you ever smelled a perfume and instantly started having thoughts of an old friend or relative who wore that scent? Your brain has anchored that scent to that person. Scents are anchors. Almost anything will work as an anchor. However, in N.L.A we pre-select our anchors using time tested alchemical essential oils which awaken the olfactory glands. Smells bypass the nervous system and move directly to the brain. This is why essential aroma therapy oil blends are so alchemically effective on your sphere of sensation.  What kind of things are you anchored to?

When we think about self mastery and controlling our own destiny, we might want to think about developing life empowering anchors. In mysticism, there are whole galleries of symbols. When these symbols are studied and infused through meditation or ritual they become powerful anchors that can eradicate old outdated anchors. These symbols can be used to create something new.

Some of the anchors that constrict our power are anchors that increase stress or frustration. These anchors hurt us physically, mentally and emotionally. In N.L.A we want to create positive resourceful states or feelings which can then be applied or accessed whenever necessary.

Here is a simple exercise:

1. Choose a resourceful state of expansion and positive growth. Focus on something you really want. It might be confidence, enthusiasm, motivation, calmness or any empowering energy. Pure essential oils will help you anchor these feelings.

2. Chose an anchor that you can invoke discretely. We suggest an essential oil blend, but it could be a gesture or a magical word created from a notarikon. For example, from the empowering sentence: “I am calm,” your word would be: “IAC.” Vibrate it slowly and quietly, being sure to emphasize the vowels.

3. Recall a time when you experienced this state of resourcefulness. Imagine being there now. Look through your own eyes and notice all you see, feel, hear and smell; get involved and truly allow yourself to fully experience this positive state.

4. Hold your gesture for a few seconds, breathe in your special oil and quietly vibrate your special word.

5. Break the state by moving around and thinking about something else. Read the newspaper or something.

6. Repeat the entire process again within 30 minutes. Do it twice more to increase the effectiveness. Remember, the ancient alchemist used distillation several times to remove impurities. You’re doing the same thing with your thoughts.

7. Think about an event in the future where you would like to fire off this anchor or new alchemical state of consciousness you have created. Go ahead and do it! Experience the new, more resourceful feeling pulsating throughout your body and mind. Enjoy your victory. You have created an explosive elixir within yourself that you can access anytime.

8. Keep empowering this new state with your chosen anchor. Use it when necessary.


Expect to turn good to great; lead into gold!


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