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Miracle Mentor and Founder of Alchemy Success Coaching Program, Robert Zink, has started his journey as a student and eventually becoming the Chief Adept Teacher of the Ancient Golden Dawn Mystery School for over 30 years. His knowledge of the Law of Attraction and manifestation goes back to the days of how the Ancient Egyptians manifested incredible feats of wonder and unbelievable miracles. Robert breaks down this ancient knowledge, along with the latest in cutting edge science, to help student and clients achieve amazing breakthrough in manifesting lifetime goals and dreams.

Robert & Rachael Zink provide a daily weekday podcast called, Law of Attraction Secrets Podcast which has been on the air since 2009. This is a great resource for entering into the flow of abundance and attraction. Robert and Rachael provide these free motivational, and empowering podcast to keep you focused on your dreams and desires.

For those seeking further study, Robert & Rachael Zink have authored two books. The first is called “Magical Energy Healing: The Ruach Healing Method.” This book explains in detail ancient secrets and how to use them for healing. The second book is called “Law of Attraction Secrets: Success and Nothing Less Science.” This is an easy to read motivation book in which any chapter can be read at any time. You can pick and choose which chapters and topics interest you the most because each chapter is a complete thought.

As Miracle Mentors and Alchemy Success Coaches Robert and Rachael have helped manifestors in over 60 countries. They have seen money, love, healing, and business return to those who had almost given up.

Few, if any, modern coaches have the depth of training Rachael & Robert have in both the Ancient Mystery Systems & Modern Day Mind Sciences including:

  • Business Marketing. & Advertising 30 plus years
  • Primary Teacher of the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School
  • Master Hypnotist and NLP Master Under World Famous Legend Jimmy Grippo
  • B.A. in Biblical Studies
  • Grands Master in Usui Teate Reiki
  • Provided Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching to over 3000 People In 60 Countries
  • Founders of Miracle Hypnotic System
  • Founders of Law of Attraction Solutions
  • Founders of Law of Attraction Manifestation Academy
  • Creator of the S.T.A.R System – Shamanic Tapping And Release

Our Books


Yoga Mandala
Yoga Mandala
Our Mentors

Miracle Mentors & Coaches

Agne Lecocq

Agne Lecocq

Agne Lecocq is based in Switzerland but is working with people from all the continents. Linguist by education and fluently speaks 4 languages. She has always felt that there is more to life, and she has always had this insatiable calling for giving to others. Agne’s path finally led her to Law of Attraction Solutions. Her role as a Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Success Coach allows her to fulfill her passion to help others.


Geraldine Convento

Geraldine Convento is The Entrepreneur Guide, Web and SEO Expert. She has worked with 1,000s of businesses and organizations worldwide to help them scale, reach more people and attract more leads by leveraging their online presence (website, social media, video, and building their thought leadership). As a result of strategic planning and the law of attraction, owns multiple 6 figure companies. Pave your own path to success today! Contact Geraldine to sign up for her programs or hire her for one-on-one coaching.


Sheena Shah

Sheena Shah lives in India. She has been working closely with Robert Zink and the Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching program since July 2017. Since her journey with the Law of Attraction began in 2010 she has been manifesting incredible miracles. She has experience in increasing finances, attracting a happy relationship, and creating incredible health and vitality. Originally trained as a Communication Specialist (Advertising, PR, Sales, Marketing & Digital), Sheena has found her destiny as a Miracle Mentor and an Alchemy Life Coach. Always having felt that that there is more to her journey in life, Sheena’s experience as a Certified Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach is fulfilling her passion to help others.


law of attraction coaches

Robert Zink and Rachael Zink have helped thousands of people around the world in 60 different countries. You can manifest anything.

Robert Zink


Robert Zink has been teaching the ancient secrets of the Law of Attraction for 30 years. As Imperator General and Chief Adept of the Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School, he has studied in depth the ancient writing from which the Law of Attraction originates. He has been mentoring both individuals and business owners in 60 different countries since 2008 to use the Law of Attraction to empower their lives.

Rachael Zink


Rachael Zink is a unique and extraordinary intuitive who is a Grand Master in Reiki and an Adept Master in the Ruach Healing Method. As a Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach she empowers others to manifest their life long dreams. She is a highly spiritual individual who holds a B.A. in Biblical Studies.


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