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9 Secrets To Success In Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Martketing

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Thousands of people get involved in network marketing or multi-level marketing each year. There are numerous companies that offer some incredible opportunities to make a pile of cash while marketing a superior product. Companies like Amway, ACN, Shaklee and others have scores of people who are making well into 6 digits, and are a big success in multi level marketing.

If you have embarked on the path of success in multi level marketing you should know that your potential to earn a ton of money is present and easily possible. The key is to follow the absolute success in multi level marketing secrets I have outlined in this short article. I have culled some of the most important success secrets from several of the top earners in the multi level marketing industry. Read them over and employ them as soon as possible. You will soon be on the road to making huge profits have success in multi level marketing.

1. Write down your intention before you do anything else. Do it now. Writing down your intention sets the Law of Attraction into motion. The Law of Attraction states that like attract likes. It is the primary Law of Success in the Universe.

2. Make sure you and your company is a good fit. If you are about to choose a company make sure that you are comfortable with the pay program, the recruiting, training, etc. If you personally are not sold on the products, don’t expect your customers to be either. The best company to choose to have success in multi level marketing in is one that you totally believe in.

3. Attract the right sponsor. All to often a person’s sponsor knows very little about how to build a business, or a down line. Make sure your sponsor does. If you sponsor does not have the experience you need to be successful, trace up line until you reach the person earning 6 figures. This is the person to build a relationship with. Encourage this person to mentor you. They will naturally be eager to help you because your success in multi level marketing is their success.

4. Set Micro Goals. Everyone wants to set 5 year goals. While it is important to have a five-year goal, it is more important to have a quarterly goal, a monthly goal, and even weekly and daily goals. Set contact goals and new down line goals, set sales goals etc. Strong goals set the Law of Attraction in motion. Small goals that you go after daily, weekly etc. will set you into action, and remember, there is no attraction without action.

5. Challenge your limiting beliefs. Do you believe that your business is hard work? If you do, then likely it will be. Do you believe that making money is difficult? If you do it will be. What you believe will determine what you kind of success in multi level marketing you create. Why not choose beliefs that are empowering. Beliefs such as, “ this is easy money, or it is easy to find people who want to make money working with me.” Remember, choose empowering positive beliefs.

6. There are prospects all over the place. If you believe that everyone is going to turn you down, that there are no prospect or that prospecting is difficult, then it will be. Rather consider everyone a prospect. Your insurance man, the Doctor, the butcher, the baker and even the candle stick maker. Prospect everyone and with everyone. This is one of the big keys to success in multi level marketing.

7. Focus on other people’s personal goals. The more you devote your energy to helping others reach their goals, the more they will help you reach yours.

8. Develop powerful affirmations. You’ll want to develop your own affirmations based on your intention and belief. Make your affirmation uplifting and motivating. Make sure it includes something about service to others and money to you.

9. Practice creative visualization daily. Spend 20 minutes a day visualizing the kind of business you want, the kind of customers you desire, how much money you are earning weekly or monthly to have success in multi level marketing. The more you visualize yourself driving a new car, or boat, the sooner you will be behind the wheel. Creative visualization will help you greatly become a big success in multi level marketing. For more information and a powerful program on creative visualization be sure to click here check out our program on creative visualization.

There are the essential factors in your future success in multi level marketing. You are now prepared to earn an exceptional income. If you feel you need additional mentoring, consider our FREE 30 minutes of Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coaching. Sign up at:

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  1. Thanks Robert

    I first heard you on your podcast and I was reading this article and had no idea where it came from as the article was there when I opened up my computer.

    Then I realised it was your article and began reading it as I am working with a great company but your article has given me the deeper LOA boost I needed.

    Many thanks

    Charles 🙂

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