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9 Beliefs That Attract More Money

attract more money

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Money is good. Money is energy. Money is a means of exchange.

After doing some serious investigation, I have discovered that there are nine beliefs that you must hold to be true if you desire to attract more money into your life. Many people have beliefs about money that restrict the smooth flow of money. You might say they are using harmful Law of Attraction ideas. They believe that money always comes as the result of hard work, and that money is scarce and hard to obtain. As you read this article, are my pre-suppositions challenging your beliefs about money? Am I having difficulty accepting this conclusion? If the answer is yes, you likely have some money energy blocks and counter intentions that are destroying your ability to attract what you desire. The good news is that you can change your ineffective ideas about money and begin using the Law of Attraction to make more money. You have the power to reform and change your beliefs. Once your feelings change, your thoughts will automatically begin to shift. With new ideas, comes new emotions and feeling and that is exactly the energy that connects to the Universe and attracts more money. Money can come into your life fast and without a struggle, or it may never come, and you might always struggle. The choice is yours. What you believe about money is your choice and will have the single biggest influence on your ability to attract the money you desire.

attract more money9 Beliefs Your Must Hold True to Attract Money Into Your Life.

  1. Money is good.

    Money is good for many things in life.  The more we focus on the goodness of money, and the joy it can bring, the sooner we will begin to eradicate the negative beliefs that money is bad or evil.  Money means medical bills that are paid in full, healthy food, a new car, a nice home and much more.  Enjoy money and re-affirm that money is good.

  2. I Deserve ever increasing amounts of money in my life.

    Many people live with the attitude that all they need is enough to survive on.  The result is this is all they attract.  If you are one of the few who desire money and lots of it, you must condition the mind to believe that more money is never enough.  Make it a game.  if you make $10.000 a month, try shooting for $15,000 a month.  By the way, this has nothing to do with greed.  It has to do with the joy of collecting money and using it to improve your life and the life of others.  Remember, money is good.

  3. I love the energy of money and the leverage it gives me in my life.

    Yes, money gives you leverage to do things you could not do without it.  Money is power.  But notice the beginning of the belief.  ” I love the energy of money.”  Develop a real love affair with money.  Money is good.  The energy of money gives you power, not to be confused with empowerment.  It is nice to have both, empowerment and power.

  4. Money is easy to attract.

    When you believe that attracting money is a struggle, it becomes a battle.  When you think that attracting money is easy through the Law of Attraction, it becomes easy.  Make it easy, believe it is easy.

  5. There is more than enough money to go around.

    Always believe that no matter how much money you attract through the Law of Attraction, the more money there is to go around for others.  What grows in you grows in others.

  6. Money has no power over me; I have power over money.

    Never allow money to have control over you.  You are the attractor, not money.  You have the authority, not money.

  7. I love the power of compound interest.

    It is exciting to see your money grow through real estate, stocks, savings, business, etc.  Invest your money to attract more of it.

  8. I am generous.

    One of the secrets is to keep money in circulation.  Pay it forward and give some money to charity, those in need.  Do good things with your money.  Never fear not having enough, you will never run out.

  9. It is good to give to get.

    Most people believe that is bad to give to receive.  Giving to get is the basis of all good business, all commerce, and the exchange of energy.

Adopt these 9 beliefs and apply them and you will quickly be on your way to attracting more money into your life. Money is fun, it is fun to have money, so why not attract more of it and enjoy life.

You can put the power of the Law of Attraction to work for you and begin to attract large sums of money. Expect money, attract money and live the life of abundance you enjoy.

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  1. Their is currently 132 Trillion dollars on the planet. 32 million people control the majority of it, why is that? It has nothing to do with greed or hard work for that matter. I work hard and barely make any money. Money is your friend and lover in a sense. Money craves attention, money gets bored easily. When you spend your money frivolously you are telling the Universe that you don’t care about money because you are giving it away so easily. You also can’t just leave you money in a account by itself doing nothing, because money gets bored. Think you multiple streams for income, leverage your time and money. There is more than enough money to go around. You don’t need money to make money, go find someone who has money and go earn their money with you services. Follow the money. I AM a Money Magnet.

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