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6 Signs that the Universe is trying to tell YOU something

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Whether you are aware of it or not, you are talking to the Universe all the time. You communicate with it through your thoughts, feelings and prayers. Sometimes you may voice them, but it is your vibrations and your feelings that carry the message.

Universe then responds to You. It supports You, it guides You, it protects You.

Universe does not speak a language. Instead it communicates with you in many subtle and meaningful ways. The question is – are you present and mindful enough to notice the signs sent to You by the Universe? You are likely to miss even the most obvious signs if you are busy staring at your phone, ruminating over your past or feeling anxious about tomorrow. The key is to be aware of your environment, especially if you asked for a sign yourself.

I would like to draw your attention to 6 phenomena that you might or might not have identified as signs from the Universe. To decipher them you will need to use your intuition and inner wisdom. The good thing about it – the more you use it, the sharper it will get.


Numbers. Are you seeing consecutive numbers, sequence of numbers or special kind of numbers like 11:11, 333, 111, 777, 888? You see them everywhere: on license plates, in phone numbers, on your bills, when you check time etc. Make no mistake – it is not a coincidence; it is a sign from the Universe.

The acknowledgement of the importance of numbers can be traced back to the oldest civilizations. Many of them believed that numbers are the means to understanding the divine.  Indeed, each number has a unique vibration and meaning attached to it. As a rule, that meaning is always tinctured by the current events of your life. We can say therefore that every numbers carries a ‘general meaning’, but they also carry a more unique and specific meaning to You based on your focus and your current situation.

You should take time to reflect and ask yourself “what is going on in my life that is really relevant to me? Where do I place my focus?

Are you looking for a solution how to expand your business or simply wonder if it is a good time to do it?; do you need to make a difficult choice?; find courage to finally end a toxic relationship or maybe you are about to give up and need encouragement? All the answers are encrypted in the sequences of numbers that you repeatedly see.


Synchronicities. Another powerful way that the Universe uses to reach out to you. There are no coincidences in this life because the Universe is too intelligent for that.

Synchronicities happen when the energies are aligned. When all your life seems to be an effortless flow. They also happen when you are in a difficult situation, when you are completely lost and need some divine guidance.

Suppose you are looking for a new, sometimes simply a better paid job or want to change careers and while browsing on the Internet you see spot an advertisement with an opening in the field that you want to work, or a pop up ad shows up inviting you to an event, a seminar, maybe a friend or a colleague calls you and says – my company is looking for x would you know anybody to recommend? It could be your postman who slips an advertisement of a real estate agent in your mailbox just at the time when you decide that you want to go ahead with a search of your dream house. Maybe it is You having a lunch in a restaurant and overhearing a conversation that oddly makes sense to you, because you are in a similar situation.

When the synchronicities happen, they show you or rather remind you kindly which is the best road to take and what is the best for you. The ball is at your court now. Your job is to then take an inspired action. It is the time to seize the opportunity, it is the time to act.


Dreams. Synchronicities are usually not so difficult to decipher, dreams on the other hand can sometimes be not so easy to grasp. But don’t get frustrated, there is nothing that your inner wisdom cannot unravel.

When you sleep, your conscious mind gets out of the way of your subconscious mind and so it can download and receive the information from your higher self and especially the Universe in the form of dreams.

Did you wake up from a dream that marked you in some way? Was it especially vivid? Scary? Mysterious? Unforgettable and haunting? Or maybe it was full of joy, light and love? Included some symbols, maybe some signs that are unique to you or your relationship or family? Did it feel so real that it gave you goosebumps when you finally woke up? If it feels SPECIAL in some way to you, then indefinitely IS. Use your intuition to decipher its meaning and determine whether it was an advice, a warning, an encouragement or a prophecy.


Repetitions. Why do they happen? They happen in order to get your attention first and then make You see simple things in a different light. They make you notice ordinary things that can carry a hidden message or an extraordinary meaning. This applies to all your senses so you can actually see the same thing, hear the same thing or feel the same thing.

Maybe you are going through a painful break-up because your beloved one let you down badly, and so one day you hear a song on the radio and the lyrics say ‘I miss you. I was so stupid, please forgive me’. You relate to it, but you give no second thought about it. But then later in the afternoon you hear it again, and maybe you hear it the next day after, and then a week later you get a text from your ex with a heartfelt apology. Do you keep seeing ads for a Jackpot lottery even though you didn’t notice them before? Get that ticket!!! A million might be just around the corner. Take an inspired action. Do you want to become a real estate agent and you constantly have an ad popping up on your screen saying that they are hiring? Give them a call.


This is a sign that you should never doubt. Your special sign. Do you have something – a sign or a symbol or maybe even a song that has a special meaning to you? It could be a rainbow, a butterfly, a big beautiful feather of a peacock or a feather of any bird, a cloud, a shamrock, etc. Basically, anything which for personal reasons has a very special meaning to You.

Because of your connection to it, it carries a very special energy, and that symbol that sign is most likely appear  if you ask Universe for a sign even if you do so unconsciously, if you are in a difficult situation, if you are grieving, need an encouragement, or if you do not know which path to choose. The meaning of this sign will be tinctured by the circumstances of a given situation.

A special sign is a very good idea if you are seeking an answer and ask Universe for a sign. Best idea is to ask for a specific sign, this way you will have no doubts or second guesses when it shows up; and if you do not have one, find or invent a sign that will speak to you.


Accidents and illnesses. The word accident is pretty misleading because they do not happen by accident. There is always a message there. Unfortunately. Did your life need to slow down? Did you neglect your family and place more importance on your work? Did you try to fit in with a wrong group of people because you felt irresistible need to be accepted and valued? Did you consume life without being present? Did the Universe need bring out your greatness? Did you need to realize what really matters to You, so You do not die without living?

Illnesses are even less random. Another word for illness is dis-ease. State of illness implies that Your body is not at ease. Were you stressed over some situation for a long time? Did you betray yourself in order to please others? Did you block the flow of your energies in some ways? With unhealthy food, unhealthy lifestyle, hobbies, drugs, bad habits? Did you allow anger, hatred and jealousy take over you repeatedly? Did you act unlovingly, ungracefully towards others and especially Yourself?

An illness often acts as a ‘reset’ button. I have seen many people turn their life around 180° when the illness hit. They were courageous and uncompromising. Responsibility for what happened and willingness to correct whatever happened calls for miracles – that is how people recover from stage for cancer, broken spines are fixed and people start walking again even though they were told by the doctors that they would never walk again, that is how infertile couples conceive, blind people start seeing, chronic diseases are healed.


As you may doubt it the Universe has way more than the 6 signs I just described. Knowledge and intuition is a powerful combination that will open all the doors. And when it comes to your intuition let it carry you, let it guide you and teach you.

Many years ago, I was looking for a job. Finally, after couple of months of futile efforts I got invited to an interview that was very tempting … and situated very far as well. I had to travel about 400 kilometers with a bus. The ticket was expensive. Or at least to me. After a couple of months spent at home without a job, I was pretty tight with money. So, I was really debating whether I should attend that interview or not. After all, I had no clue what my chances were. Couple of days later I went for a walk with my sister. We were walking and talking; we stopped by some shop and just before going in I said to her “You know what? I’m not gonna go to that interview, I don’t have 50 dollars (that was the price of the bus ticket) to waste” and so we walked in. 5 or 10 minutes later we walked out of the shop and … I just froze. I simply could not believe my eyes. My jaw nearly dropped. Next to my feet lay 50 dollars! And that happened to me – somebody who never finds money! All my questions, doubts and worries were answered. I picked up the bill, folded it tightly in my palm and thanked the Universe. It goes without saying, I went through the interview with the flying colors and received the job. The rest is history. 

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