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Speed Up Your Manifestation: Give up these!


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The first question I usually get when working with a client is- tell me the best way to fasten my manifestations. But here is the truth there is no magic wand, there is no quick spell or mantra to instantly bring alive all your desires.

Manifesting is not some woo-woo term, or black magic or something that is new on this planet. It is just a law and the way of life – it is to consciously create to subconsciously create, whether it is the good, the bad, the ugly, or amazing. It is how we create our reality through our thoughts and the emotions that add momentum to the manifestation.

So, when people ask me how they can manifest quicker, I usually give them a few things they absolutely MUST give up to attract what they desire, easily and effortlessly.

When you remove the words mentioned below from your dictionary (internal and external dialogue), you get into the flow, you get into alignment and the Universe has no choice but to deliver your desires with ease vs wanting, needing and begging.

– Let go of limiting words –

There are words and phrases in our regular language that get in the way of what we actually desire, like:

  • Try
  • Hope
  • Wish
  • Want
  • Need
  • I can’t do this
  • I am not good enough
  • This is not possible

Every time you use any of these you create a feeling and vibration of ‘lack,’ and you even notice the lack in your current reality more. These words block you from your goals and visions, so make the conscious effort to completely eradicate these from your vocabulary.

– Let go of waiting to be happy –

There is this destination addiction currently happening in the world where people believe they will be happy when…they get that dream job, get in shape, achieve that promotion, buy that home of their dreams, fall in love with the perfect, life partner. But here is the problem – you should NOT be manifesting your desires to achieve happiness. Be happy and you will manifest more happy things.

Everything you manifest will NOT make you happy, but by actually being on a higher, more happy and grateful vibration, it will help you manifest what you desire much more easily. Everything you manifest will ADD to your happiness!

Look at your manifestations not as a destination, but using them as part of your journey of happiness that you desire.

– Let go of the waiting for it to manifest –

It doesn’t matter if it is love that you desire, or winning a lottery or manifesting that specific person into your life – stop waiting for it to happen and get on with your life. Life doesn’t stop or slow down till your desire shows up.

Remember, that the Law of Attraction states that thoughts create your reality, so if you are going to live like you are in a waiting room, you are going to attract even more waiting. You attract more of what you vibrate on, because you attract what you are NOT what you want.

That person will not contact you if you are waiting for him/her because you are going to be on the vibration and frequency of ‘waiting’. But if you go out, meet other people, date, live your life and just enjoy every single day, you will get on the higher vibrations of love and happiness. And before you know it, Mr. or Ms. Right will be in your life.


– Let go of trying to control –

This is one of the biggest struggles I have seen with all of my clients. I am constantly told that they have done their affirmations, visualizations, created their vision board, scripted and done so much more but yet they feel like they are not seeing their desires come to life.

But here is the honest truth – most of us get in our own way of what we desire because we don’t know how to trust or let go.

Remember, when you plant a seed, you do not keep unearthing it to see if you have done it right. You let it be, give it water, sunlight, even love and trust that the shoot will come up eventually.

Similarly, when we do the inner work, we have to learn to let go and trust in the Universe by living on the vibration that it shall happen in divine timing.

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