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5 Popular Love Lies that are Keeping You Alone

love lies

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LOVE LIE 1:    You can’t have the one you want.

I am completely confused with love guru’s who suggest that you cannot create a wonderful loving relationship with a special person that has captured your heart. The truth of the matter is you can, and it happens all the time. If a special man or woman has won your heart, I believe you owe it to yourself to do everything possible and give a 100% effort in winning the heart of the person you want. There is no need to live a life of regrets. Go for it! Put it all on the line! Create an incredible life together with your heart’s desire! Now naturally there are a couple of physical circumstance that make such work almost impossible or karmically not a good idea. An example of this could be someone who is happily married or someone who live across the world. But these aside, throw your dreams into the winds and allow them to bring you the one you seek. Invoke the Law of Attraction.

LOVE LIE 2:    I’m too old, too young, too poor, too rich, too tall, too fat, too bald to attract the kind of person I want.

This is the lie of the media. The media has created the perfect couple, but it is a love lie. All over the world there are people of every size, color, and dimension who are enjoying the fruits of love. The first step is to believe that you are worth loving. Then you must believe that you have something special to offer. Once you have filled yourself with belief, you will have invoked the most attractive quality of all-CONFIDENCE!! In addition, this confidence will awaken the Law of Attraction and help you attract your heart’s desire.

LOVE LIE 3:    Love take work.

This is the love lie perpetuated by the marriage counselors. The truth is that marriage may take some work to find a rhythm, but love never takes work. Don’t confuse marriage or a life partnership with LOVE. Once you begin to learn the skills of loving, you will have all the love you need. Let it go, it is easy. Love does not take work.

LOVE LIE 4:    It’s normal to be jealous.

Jealousy is a love lie that is like fear. Most of the time jealous, like fear, is a waste of time. It cuts off love and passion energy. Jealousy dries up the magical current between two people. Always focus on how you want you mate to feel and where you want your relationship to go, never on negatives like jealousy. Naturally, there are times when it may be normal to be a bit jealous. Just remember that jealousy weakens your energy field, your partner’s energy field and the energy field of your relationship. The Law of Attraction is exactly the tool you need to create a union of love and trust.

LOVE LIE 5:    You need to be on the internet and dating sites if you want to meet your heart’s desire.

Nope. The internet is NOT the pill for love. As a matter of fact, I suggest to my clients to get off the dating sites or make them a minor part of your love searching efforts. The secret is your energy field. Once your energy field is in harmony with the kind of partner you want to meet, you will attract qualified candidates easily. The problem is that many people have counter intentions broadcasting in their brains. It shows up in everything from their body language, to their aura and micro muscle movements. You can’t fake this stuff! You need to make the change from the inside; not the outside. There is little need for a dating site when you have the energy field that acts as honey to bees. In addition, dating sites attract people that are grocery shopping for love. This not the kind of energy you want to subject yourself to. The Law of Attraction is the key. Once you know how to effectively use it, you will never be lonely again.

The help you need is on the way…

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