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5 Limiting Beliefs That Are Keeping You From Manifesting Abundance

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“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I shall have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning.” — Mahatma Gandhi


Limiting beliefs. We all have them, and unfortunately – either consciously or subconsciously – they hinder our ability to succeed at manifesting what we really want in life. There is a phrase that a lot of people use, it is : ‘What you don’t know, can’t hurt you’ But to me and high flyer manifestors like YOU, this is not something we believe in, because if you do not know what your hidden beliefs are, how will you change them???? Every one of us has emotional blind spots which are visible only when we make errors, take a wrong turn or make choices that lead us to places we do not desire. Imagine, if in any of these situations, you got curious, got brave and really dug your heels in to discover what those underlying beliefs are? What if you chose to get up-close and personal with them? When you understand your underlying beliefs you empower yourself to take control of them because awareness is half the battle won. So before we get into the beliefs that could be hindering you, how about we first determine what are yours? So, think about it, what does money mean to you? Complete the sentence by filling the blank. Money is ______. Money means _______ to me. This little exercise alone can reveal some of your limiting beliefs about money. And now here are 5 of the most common limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from abundance and how to overcome them:
Belief 1 – I am not good enough
This is the underlying belief that hinders us from abundance, love, success and a lot more. You are worthy! You are more than enough and you ARE entitled to manifesting abundance, wealth and success just as much as anyone else on this planet. Remember that if things or situations don’t go as planned, it’s not because you’re not good enough, it’s simply because there’s something different or even better ahead for you. And next time you feel stuck in life by a limiting belief, ask yourself, ‘How can I prove that this is not true?’ As you become more mindful of your limiting beliefs, you’ll notice your mind begin to push away your crippling self-doubt and negativity. Take time to love who you are because The Universe absolutely adores all of you! Mindset shift: Use powerful affirmations daily to empower yourself. Remember, that you are worthy and live like you are. Read my previous blog on this if you need help with affirmations.
 Belief 2 – Money is the root of all evil
This is the most common misconception, to think of money as something bad, or even evil. It’s an abstract belief, looking from the outside. Or maybe you have had some bad experiences with rich people and hence created the limiting belief that with money, everybody will become like this. Or maybe you believe that when people make money, they lose their higher human values like love, compassion and integrity. This of course, is wrong. It is not the fault of money if this does happen – the people who got it probably got it wrong, they make money their king and became a slave to money. Money is energy and it’s how we use that energy that determines the outcome. Money was created as an exchange medium for the value of traded goods. So, it is just an expression of value. If you have a lot of money that means that you have created a lot of value, for other people Mindset shift: Look at money with love and appreciation. When you think of rich people, send them love. See money as serving the greater good and enabling our lives.
Belief 3 – Money is a limited resource
This plays into the scarcity mindset where you would think that there is not enough for everybody, including you. This is opposed to the abundance mindset, which assumes that abundance could be created for everyone, including you. Do you know that abundance is your birthright? Look right within you, look at how many organs, how much blood, how many cells you have? There is an abundance. Similarly, look outside your window, see how many trees, birds and clouds there are? There is an abundance. Mindset shift: There is more than enough of everything I desire on this planet. There is an abundance of cars, phones, homes, love, opportunities and money EVERYWHERE….all I have to do is attract it to myself by getting on the same vibrational plane.
Belief 4 – You have to work (too) hard to get wealthy
You don’t get wealthy by working hard (only), you get wealthy by doing the right things. And it all starts with adopting the right mindset towards money. And one part of it is to look for the smart way to get wealthy. Not in a sense of looking for a quick fix or doing questionable things, but by understanding what leads to wealth. This means understanding how you can actually create real and lasting value for others and then offering it for a good price. This is true whether you are a business-owner, self-employed or employed in a company. Mindset shift: In order to change your mindset, take action on things that are in alignment with your goals and values so it doesn’t feel like hard work. Successful people consciously shift their mindset and don’t let those self-sabotaging limitations prevent them from succeeding. Start with specializing in something you are passionate about (law of action) and then charge a ‘price’ for the value you add.
Belief 5 – Other people’s success and wealth will diminish mine
Every time you feel jealous or envious of someone else’s success, you’re telling the universe that you don’t believe in your own abilities to create abundance, wealth and success in your own life. These thoughts act as limiting factors and often have a negative impact on your life. Remember that if the people around you become successful, it means that the Law of Attraction is working for them, and therefore, is very close to working for you too. Mindset shift:’Like attracts like’ and every time you feel true excitement for others, you’ll be attracting more success into your life as well. If you enjoyed this blog post, you’ll LOVE the mind shifts in our Manifesting Beyond Belief program; designed to turn you into a lean, mean, manifestin’ machine.

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