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5 Elements That Are Crucial To Any Successful Manifestation

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Every day hundreds of people reach out to Law of Attraction Solutions asking for help to manifest their dreams and desires. Today, I will share with you how to be successful every time you set out to create something. 

There are 5 elements that create your reality. These are the words that you speak, the thoughts that you think, the beliefs that you hold, the emotions that you feel and the actions that you take. When it comes to manifesting it is all about alignment. So, if you feel stuck because you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, most probably one of those 5 elements is out of alignment; let’s explore together which one exactly. 

What are the words that you speak? Are they aligned with your manifestation and your heart’s desire, or do they contradict it? Do you often say “I wish, BUT, I am not lucky, I wish I were more smart/faster/intelligent etc., but things never work out for me?” All these words conflict with your intention and your heart’s desire. 

Are you speaking the words of abundance or the words of lack? Do you say more often, “I cannot, the problem is, it’s not fair, I don’t know, I wish I could, I am not sure how to” or do you say instead “I can, I am capable, I know there is a solution, I know that the Universe will make a way, I choose to, I BELIEVE?

When you talk to others what message do your words carry? Does they carry one of certainty about your manifestation coming true or the opposite? 

Words are not mere letters. Words are symbols, they are energy and they carry a frequency. They can either raise your vibration or lower it. And as you already know we cannot create a great outcome from a lower vibrational state.

In the manifesting world, there are no words more potent than the words “I AM”. It is the beginning and the end of every manifestation. It is the bridge between your dreams and reality. For everything you place after “I AM” you are summoning it into existence. I AM successful, I AM one with divine intelligence, I AM capable of creating great things. Choose words that are potent and carry a high vibration. Always speak the words of love, abundance, happiness, joy, and certainty. I can, I believe, I am worthy

Thoughts become things. Every thought carries energy, and we think around 60 thousand thoughts per day. Just imagine all the energy that it carries, and that energy becomes matter, and it becomes either a desired outcome if you focused on something you do desire or something that you don’t want if you placed your attention on the things that you don’t want. So, my question to you is – what are the thoughts that you think and are they in alignment with your desire, with your dream

Say you desire to manifest a car or the house of your dreams and you don’t have enough money right now, nevertheless, you would not want to think “I love that car, but I cannot have it unless I get a pay rise, I love that car, but it is out of my budget, I love that house, but I am afraid we will never get the loan seeing our circumstances.” If you desire to rebuild your relationship, attract your specific person – “that woman/man is out of my league, they said they don’t love me anymore, I have lost them forever, they will never change, they will never forgive me.”

It is important to understand that your thoughts are not you. You are the awareness and the consciousness that observes them. Being negative is the default mode of your mind. So, unless you are consciously choosing to be positive and/or resourceful, your mind will go into its default mode, and you will soon find yourself immersed in tens and hundreds of thoughts that are contrary to what you desire to manifest. 

Doctor Amen called these ANTS – automated negative thoughts. Because just like small creatures, they can invade your mind. Now onwards start choosing empowering thoughts. Use the question “Is this thought in alignment with what I desire or not?” as a filter for your thoughts. And if they are not, cancel them and replace them with a constructive thought.

Finally, I invite you to get curious and ask yourself– why am I having these thoughts? What beliefs might be hiding behind them? What do they tell me about my spiritual, energetic, and physical state? 

Your beliefs create your reality. You do not attract what you want, you attract what you ARE. And you are what you believe to be whether you are aware of it or not, whether you are consciously or subconsciously thinking about it. Your beliefs create your life. Your beliefs create your manifestations. Your beliefs can either help you or hinder you from manifesting what you desire and deserve.

Your beliefs can be empowering or limiting, and those limiting beliefs can be in turn conscious or subconscious. Limiting subconscious beliefs often stems from childhood. As kids, we have no filters. Whatever we’re exposed to, we take in and become. What we hear and observe from the significant people early in our lives lays the foundation to our belief system. These core beliefs are about what we can and can’t do, what we do and do not deserve, what we can and can’t have. 

As a child, you were easily susceptible to programming. If your parents, for instance, told you “Money is evil. You have to work hard. Money is scarce,” there is a chance that you still hold this belief subconsciously. See your beliefs as a program or a set of programs that your mind runs. If at the core of you, you do not believe that you can be successful, then manifesting success in whatever area that is, is impossible for you. You will never be able to outperform the image of yourself that hold in your subconscious mind. 

The good news is that you can change that programming. You can change your beliefs. You can choose new beliefs and hardwire them into your subconscious mind through a conscious effort. It is not easy, it requires discipline, consistency, and determination, but it is possible. Desiring something and having a dream is one thing but believing that you are worthy, and you deserve your dream and that you can actually manifest it, is something else. So, reflect with all honesty on the following questions – “What is it that I truly believe about this dream, about this situation, this person and most importantly myself?; Are my beliefs aligned with what I desire to manifest and create in my life?”

Emotions. What do you feel when you think about your goal/dream/desire? Are you feeling frustrated, upset, angry, and bitter about not having that person, that job, or that amount of money; are you resisting your current circumstances? Are you saying one thing, believing something else, and feeling the absence and lack and a form of neediness?

We always attract more of what we feel. That is because we manifest with our subconscious mind, and our subconscious mind is the feeling mind. Work on learning to shift/break your state, on shifting your vibration, and learn to sit with the discomfort that arises in certain situations. 

You do not always need to act on your feelings, no matter how strong the urge – send another text to your specific person when they haven’t even replied to your last text, call them, invent excuses for them, feel bad about yourself. Do you feel like a victim or a victor? Learn to regulate your emotions with the help of breathing, meditation, scripting, dancing, moving your body whether it is sports or dancing or just going for a walk. Emotion is energy in motion so allow it to move through your body and then it will eventually leave it. 

Learn to shift your perspective because that will help you to shift your feelings too. You can look at any situation from many different angles.

Some of them will bring you down, some of them will empower you.  You can say “My business is failing”, or you can also say, “Things are not working great at the moment, but this is my opportunity to take it to the next level, this is an invitation to grow, evolve and become better than I have ever been. Step up my game.” Feel how the energy and arising feelings are different depending on the angle you chose.

Don’t forget that you might have a “filter” that you are currently viewing the situation from e.g. you if just spilled your coffee you might you are not having a good morning, or if your specific person did something to upset you, you might be inclined to think that they do not love you. But that is a filter. Become aware of these filters, because what we focus on, determines how and what we will feel, and we will attract more or it. The world is 10% what happens and 90% how we respond to it. Become more mindful and decide how you want to show up in advance so that when a situation arises you are less likely to feel what you don’t want, and it will be easier to handle your emotions. 

Practice feeling more joy, more happiness, and remember that happiness is a choice. Learn to be unconditionally happy, and not because of what someone is saying or doing or because of some belongings that you possess or acquire. 

The last element of your manifestation is the actions that you take. Are your actions aligned with the rest of the 4 elements: your words, your thoughts, your emotions, and your beliefs? In other words what you say, what you think, what you feel and what you believe is that aligned with what you do?  

There is no attraction without action, so you could sit and dream but if at some point you don’t start taking actions it will not work. Actions can and will help to close that gap between where you are currently and your dream. They are the stepping stones to your desires. 

There are two types of actions that you will need to take when manifesting your goals, dreams and desires. These are inspired actions and aligned actions. There is a difference between the two – all the inspired actions will be aligned actions, but not all the aligned actions will be inspired actions. Sometimes it will be more about consistency, discipline and effort and less about inspiration. 

Inspired actions come from your spirit (in-spirit), from your higher self. It always feels like the right thing to do. It always comes through to you when you are at peace and in a higher vibrational state. The actions that come from your ego usually involve some kind of obligation, doubt, fears, should I, could I and uncertainty. Inspired action leaves no place for questions and it feels expansive. 

Aligned actions are the actions that support your dreams and desires and that bring you closer to your dream every time you take them. Even if it is a small step at a time. 

Let’s say you desire to become more fit, or leaner, lose quite some weight or even gain some healthy weight. Doing sports regularly, becoming mindful about your nutrition and choosing healthier options, eliminating sugar, taking a bike, or walking to your work instead of driving or taking public transportation, taking stairs instead of an elevator, all these are good examples of aligned actions. Skipping your work outs, eating lots of carbs, fat and processed food, drinking beverages high in calories would not be an aligned action. And by the way these foods are not high vibrational foods so they will be also lowering your vibration. 

Take your goal, your dream, your desire and take the 5 elements that we just spoke about and see if you are aligned on all the 5 levels. If you see a mismatch, that is what you need to work on. That is where you need to invest your best effort. When these 5 elements are aligned, the energy that you emanate becomes similar to that of a magnet. You become a human magnet that is easily attracting everything and anything that you desire! 

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