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3 Secrets To Manifesting Financial Abundance Using The Law Of Attraction

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Love has many forms, and so does abundance. Financial abundance is just one of them yet being prosperous is important: it gives you the freedom to live your life the way you desire. A lot of people have this false belief that “there is not enough for everybody”. However, there is no ceiling, no limits to the financial abundance of the Universe. There is more than enough for everyone. All your financial needs and desires can and should be met.

Financial abundance means freedom of choices, it means endless possibilities to do
what your heart desires, to have the lifestyle you desire, to live in the environment you have always wanted to. It means security, peace, and the absence of struggle. For some people, financial abundance means financial independence from other people they have possibly been dependent on for years. For others it may mean traveling, trying new experiences, and saying a big fat “YES” to everything that this life has to offer. 

Financial abundance just like all the other forms of abundance is our birthright, so why do we struggle, barely make ends meet, have debts, or cannot seem to achieve that financial
breakthrough? What is the secret of the people that have “made it” whether they have consciously or unconsciously used the Law of Attraction? Einstein said that « we cannot resolve a problem from the same level of consciousness that has created the problem » so we will have to rise to a higher level of consciousness than the one that has created them.
Here are the 3 secrets that will allow you to unlock the doors to financial abundance and
allow you to live the life that you truly desire and deserve. 

1. Change your beliefs about money.

You do not attract what you want, you attract what you ARE. And you are what you believe to be whether you are aware of it or not, whether you are consciously or subconsciously thinking it. Your beliefs create your life. Your beliefs create your manifestations. Your beliefs can either help you or hinder you from manifesting what you desire and deserve. 

So, step number one that you need to take when embarking on your journey to manifest financial abundance is to take time to reflect on your relationship with money and the beliefs you hold about it. What do I believe about money? What is my relationship with money? 

Your beliefs create your reality. A lot of people grow up believing that money is evil. A lot of people grew up believing that money is scarce, that money does not grow on the trees, that rich people are evil, that money spoils people, and a lot of people grew up seeing their parents struggle with money. We have been told that “you have to work hard to make your living”, “you need to go to university to get a well-paid job”, “the economy is bad”, “that you cannot make it unless you have connections”, “you cannot make it unless you come from a rich family”. Without even realizing it, you grow up with a whole set of limiting beliefs about money.

So, in their adult life, a lot of people feel bad when they think about money, they have negative emotions, fears, and negative beliefs associated with it.  We don’t manifest with our conscious mind; we manifest with our subconscious mind. So whatever thoughts, fears, and beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind, they always manifest in your life. The Universe does not speak English, it reads your vibration. If today financially you are miles away from your goals, it is because you do not BELIEVE that you can flourish financially and you are not comfortable around money.

If you did not have a healthy relationship with money, you will not feel comfortable about being well off. Wanting is one thing, being is yet another. We all heard stories of people winning lotteries only to end up right where they started a few years down the road. Their mind was out of their comfort zone and the subconscious made sure that they go back to their comfort zone. 

“Well off people think very different. It’s a mindset, it’s a way of thinking and being rather than a few additional zeros in your bank account.” (Agne Lecocq)

Whatever you observed, were taught, or heard became part of your belief system and
your programming. Whatever you were repeatedly told became your programming and finally whatever you repeat to yourself becomes part of your programming. 

Whatever beliefs you might hold, you will need to work on them. Step number one is to identify them. Dig deeper, be honest and you will find them. Some of them might even lead you to self-worth. A lot of people do not feel worthy to live an abundant life. 

Some of the beliefs say « I am too old to turn things aroundI am not smart
enough to be earning a lot of money
the economic situation is not favorable for starting
my business, my idea is not good enough to turn it into business
in my field people do not earn a lot, I do not believe that I can earn decent money,  I am afraid that I will fail »

Your beliefs belong to you, so you have the right to review them and change them. Money is energy and to attract it into your life you must become that energy. You must rewrite your programming and start vibrating the frequency of abundance. At your core, you must hold the belief that you have the power to manifest that financial abundance. 

Step number two – challenge your false beliefs and then finally replace them with empowering beliefs that will help you to create financial abundance. What are the beliefs that you would like to practice? I am sharing here a few to help you on your journey:

Money is easy to make

I am generously rewarded for my work,

Money flows into my life easily and without effort,

I am always attracting the money and success that I desire,

I achieve my financial goals easily, 

I deserve wealth, abundance, prosperity, and money,

My financial abundance is growing every day, 

I attract money from multiple sources, 

The Universe always provides me, 

I deserve to live a financially abundant life. 

2. Tune into the vibration of receiving.

I encounter so many people who say – I do all the right things, I try to be positive most of the time, I have tried so many tools and rituals, yet nothing seems to work. Hence, they decide that the law of attraction does not work. The Law of Attraction always works and so do the tools and rituals that we use to activate it, but they can only work when you are in the right state of mind

There are only 2 states; they are2 vibratory opposites. The state of “I AM” and the state of “I WANT” (implies lack and need; absence of your desire). When you are in the state of seeking and wanting and needing, you are not in the state of receiving, you are in the state of chasing. It’s the opposite of attracting. And so, when you manifest things from this state you can only manifest more of lack but not more of abundance. The law is working in the law up-sided way.

“I AM” state denotes that whatever you desire to manifest is already present in your life. It’s present in your heart, it’s present in your mind, your thoughts, and it’s part of your vision and your energy field. In this state, you are vibrating at the same frequency as your wishes and desires, so you become magnetic to them. You are attracting them. The Law of Attraction is beautifully orchestrating events, people, and circumstances so that they can help the fruition of your dream. You are in the beautiful state of receiving.

These 2 states are also beautifully represented by the principle of genders in ancient Hermeticism. It reveals that everything has its masculine and feminine principlesThe book “The Three Initiates” by Kybalion states “The principle of gender tells us that the masculine and feminine can be found in everything; not just in people, but in all aspects of the mental, physical and spiritual plane.” 

This principle has nothing to do with biological sex; it represents two different energies. Masculine energy is always projected outwards. It is assertive, demanding, and logical.  The feminine energy is receiving and nourishing. A mix of both energies is present in us. If we have too much of the masculine energy when manifesting that’s when we chase, and when we tune into the feminine energy, that is when we become ready to receive and so we are attracting.

Resisting your current situation also takes you out from the vibration of receiving. What you resist, persists. As a co-creator, you should always remember that your current circumstances do not matter. So please stop resisting them. Because if you are not happy with your current situation, and you are pushing against it, then all your creative energy that you have and that you could use for manifesting your dreams and desires go into reinforcing the situation that you do not enjoy. You always attract more of what you feel

We don’t want to push against not having money, being fired from a job, your business failing, your clients resigning, your job position being underpaid or you being in debt. We need to focus on where we are going and what we deserve and what we desire. 

The opposite of need and lack is gratitude. Gratitude even when it is imaginary (i.e you are grateful in the present moment for the future events as if they had already happened) has the power to shift your vibration. It permits you to switch to the I AM state. Gratitude takes your attention from the things that you do not have and places it on the things that you do have and appreciate. Instead of vibrating lack, you start vibrating abundance. And because likes attract likes you are ready to receive more of it.

The last key component for the vibration of receiving is releasing. You have to start giving. Start spending, start sharing. But never do it from a place of lack because that defeats the purpose. You do not have to splash out way beyond your means: start small and only spend as much as you are comfortable with. Give whatever it is – time, things, resources, or money.  Stop saying things (in your head and aloud) like – « it is too expensive for me, I cannot afford it, I will never be able to afford that car, dress, ring, etc. ». Open to the Universal flow of abundance and trust that the Universe will provide you. 

Start feeling grateful for what you already have, start practicing new beliefs, taking inspired actions that are aligned with your beliefs, and living in the end result, in the state of I AM so that money can start flowing like water into your life. 

3. Create a vision (an avatar) of your prosperous future self. 

As I have pointed out earlier – prosperity is a mindset first and money after. Therefore, financial abundance is not born in your wallet, but in your mind. A lot of people say “give me the money and I will feel abundant”, but it doesn’t work that way. 

The ancient Emerald tablet carries the words of Hermes Trismegistus – “As above, so below, as within, so without”. So, what that means is that when you are changing what we call the ‘microcosmic reality’ – the inner world, it will inevitably on some level affects the ‘macrocosmic reality’ – your environment. My personal transformation will be projected and affect the outer world and outer reality. 

Your financial abundance must start in your mind. If you wish to change your reality something will need to change inside of you. A belief. Or even entire your belief system. That will change your energy. A change on one plane will result, will be mirrored as a change on another plane. So, if you start living the energy of money, if you start embodying it, money will start chasing you. 

Create an avatar, a vision of a future you. A financially abundant You,  a person who is a money magnet, and start showing up as that person in your life. Don’t think of your goals, think from your goals. How would my future self think? Talk? Hold herself/himself? What habits would she or he have, and what actions would they take? What is their mindset? Feel their confidence and personal magnetism. 

Take a sheet of paper and write down what qualities your perfect self has – how would you look like? Sound like? What kind of energy would you emit? What kind of new skills, habits, and superpowers you would have that you don’t have currently? What kind of decisions would you take? How would you speak, what language, and what words would you use? I want, I need, or I desire, I deserve, I claim? 

Take time to connect daily with that energy of the future you – meditate with it, feel it, and most importantly start embodying it every day more and more. Start acting, thinking, and talking like that future you. Every decision you make, every step you take, every bridge you build, every opportunity you seize do it with the energy of that new person. Financially abundant person. Your new energies, consistency, and aligned actions will allow you to eventually become that financially abundant person. You will become a walking money magnet. 

Money is vibration, it is a frequency of abundance, and you can only attract money if you vibrate on the same frequency. When you think about money, what feeling is present in you? Freedom, joy, and abundance or fear, lack, uncertainty, anxiety, and concerns? 

You must start changing your vibration by changing your beliefs. Your subconscious mind does not have eyes so if you persist, after a while, it will start believing your affirmations and your vision. Start living in your future now.  Think wealthy, act wealthy, take inspired actions, and before you know it your reality will catch up with your dreams.

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