Speed Up Your Manifestation: Give up these!


The first question I usually get when working with a client is- tell me the best way to fasten my manifestations. But here is the truth there is no magic wand, there is no quick spell or mantra to instantly bring alive all your desires. Manifesting is not some woo-woo term, or black magic or […]

Law of Attraction: Staying Calm During The Pandemic

Boost Your Immunity

The past few weeks, the topic of ‘COVID-19’ is on everyone’s lips and all over social media, which is causing a lot of fear, high levels of anxiety and paranoia. This issue is definitely horrifying for all of us and it is an extremely painful time, as we are coping with this new virus that […]

Manifesting through Journaling

So, we all have heard that journaling is a fantastic tool to help us deal with emotions, stay focused, goal-oriented and it even helps the mindset by improving your mood, helping you keep calm and anxiety free and guides you overall. I would even go as far as to say, my journal personally is like […]