The Power of Your Expectations Become Your Transformation


Many of us, as we grow older, begin shrinking our expectations. We have been disappointed one too many times. We put no emotional juice into life. We too often develop an attitude of “settling”. Our expectations become less powerful for the transformation we seek because we settle for becoming tired and settle for poor health. […]

The 12 Magical Keys to Effective Leadership


Effective leadership is an ability we all have within us. Invoking the mystical principles of magical attraction to build strong effective leadership principles based on the spiritual force that governs the universe, can aid us to build these qualities within our self, and use it in our personal and professional ventures.

The Power of Forgiveness


Of all of the virtues, forgiveness must be one of the hardest to put into practice. Often times, lack of forgiveness or building a shell around yourself is the result of spiritual pride. Our hurt can run so deep and painful that somehow we need to justify them with both anger and hatred against those […]

Invoking Your Own Form of Personal Magic

personal magic

When we think of other people, we tend to believe that they think and feel like us, or even more misleading, they think in opposition to us. The way to transcend this limitation is through your own personal magic. We have our own unique model of the world and we believe our model of the […]