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10 Ways Successful Manifestors, Manifest Easily And Effortlessly

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

I have been studying, reading, practicing and teaching the Law of Attraction for years now and being an avid student of metaphysics, I have seen and made some clear observations of traits and ways of life that successful manifestors do differently than people who are struggling to manifest their desires and hence I am putting this blog down.

Overall, when you live in flow and alignment, life is easy, and all your goals and visions manifest without you even having to ‘try’. Your desires show up easily and effortlessly and you always feel calm and at peace within yourself.

However, in clear contrast, most clients and people I know who are struggling to manifest what they desire, live in fear, are reacting to the outside world on a daily basis and basically are a slave to their thoughts, feelings and emotions.


Being a conscious creator is of supreme importance, because only when you take charge of your reality and truly believe that you are a co-creator, you genuinely become the master of your life. You trust that no matter what happens, you are always supported and loved by the Universe and guided to the best possible version of your reality.

So, let’s get right to it – here are the top 10 Things that Successful Manifestors Do Differently and how you can also imbibe these and manifest the life that you just cannot get enough of….

1. Successful Manifestors know that there is Higher Power always working for them

They know that whether you call it God or The Universe or Source Energy or any other name, there are cosmic forces that are governing every single atom on this planet. And the entire planet is connected through Energy. And the highest frequency and vibration of Energy is LOVE.


2. Successful Manifestors believe in Miracles

They know that everything and everyone is a miracle, including themselves. Which means that there are ENDLESS POSSIBILIES open to every one of us to attract miracles into our life, that defy logic.


3.  Successful Manifestors trust in Diving Timing

They know that once an intention or desire has been conveyed to the Universe, the Law of Attraction along with Law of Action gets underway to deliver the magic to you. And knowing this, trusting this and surrendering to this truth helps one let go and let the energy flow. Because as we all know, ‘A watched pot never boils’


4. Successful Manifestors only vibrate at the frequency of what they desire

They understand that in order to attract what they desire; they need to embody the feelings and emotions that are associated with the wish fulfilled. So, when they desire something, they list down the feelings/emotions they would feel once manifested, and then live life from that spectrum.


5. Successful Manifestors practice Gratitude

They feel grateful for everything that is already present in their life and appreciate the smallest to largest aspects of their daily being. Because they know that Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations on the Energy Spectrum and gratitude clears the way for bigger and better amazing things to appear in their physical world.


6. Successful Manifestors pay close attention the words they speak

They are extremely aware that their mind is always listening to their thoughts, words and even text messages. So, they never use words like – try, hope, wish, want, need, hate, never etc. They ensure their language portrays surety, confidence and absolute certainty. They know that their words hold enough power to create the future that they do or do not desire.


7. Successful Manifestors surround themselves with High Vibe People

They know that the people they surround themselves with are going to affect their vibe, so they choose to be around people that inspire them and help them become their best versions. They avoid negative people who can be Energy Vampires, who can potentially lower their vibration.


8. Successful Manifestors love Money

These are the kind of people who have removed their limiting beliefs related to money. They do not believe that it is the ‘root of all evil’ but have learnt to love money and the people who have created wealth. They send love to money while receiving it or giving it away, because they know that they love the energy of Money and Money loves their vibration.


9. Successful Manifestors find ways to help other people

They know that the more they give – whether in the form of love, advice, presence or money – the more they will attract. Because every time they give, they tell the Universe they have more than enough of it and hence get on the vibration of what they desire to attract more of.


10. Successful Manifestors are very clear about what they desire

They create space in their lives to intentionally map out their desires, being specific and clear and the action steps required to do their part. They know (without a shadow of doubt) that manifesting requires clear vision and divine timing to bring it into the 3D world. And they have fun and enjoy the journey, instead of panicking

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