The Universe is a perfect matrix of time, space and the Infinite Field beyond time and space. In our natural timeline, certain things show up in our lives as you begin to attract what you desire. Good things are the result of positive attracting and manifesting and bad things are the result of counter intentions, fears, doubts etc.When you attract what you desire it is because you have infused the Infinite Field with powerful thoughts and feelings.   Naturally not everything that happens that we consider bad is really bad in the eternal eye of the Universe. We live in a time cycle and within the primary cycle of birth, life, death etc. Death is no worse to the Universe than birth or life. They are all part of the cycle. However, we place values on certain events, and some events are extremely painful and not in harmony with our desires. An early or untimely death could be such an example. Losing your home or job. A divorce or break-up, and ill health all fall within the cycle of time and space continuum. The good news is that we do maintain a certain amount of control through the very thoughts we think and the beliefs we value. We have the power to imprint on the Infinite Field our feelings and desired reality. Since reality is not fixed but always in a state of creating and manifesting we have the opportunity to participate in the literal creation of the Universe, at least as it relates to our own reality. You have the power to attract what you desire. This essentially is the key to the Law of Attraction and how we manifest. We are in constant communication with the Infinite Field through our thoughts, emotions, and mostly or feelings. The Universe in kind begins to match our imprint with whatever we are projecting into it. So, if you are projecting abundance, the universe will match your feeling with real abundance. Maybe a new job, a new client, a lottery winning, etc. Likes attract likes. This is how it works. What is even more exciting is that the Universe communicates to us when the shift is beginning to take place and we are about to see some incredible changes. The following list is just some of the way you will know that whatever you desire is about to manifest.


  1. See limos or the car you desire all the time.
  2. Get ad’s in the mail for a new house, car, boat that you have been wanting
  3. Your dreams are clear and vivid and your wake up excited
  4. Finding money
  5. New opportunities present themselves
  6. You make new friends who are positive and uplifting
  7. Things seem to move faster
  8. You discover untold resources
  9. Synchronicity
  10. New ideas come easier and faster


The key to the Law of Attraction and manifesting what you deeply desire is to have clear and concise intentions and to them imprint them into the Universe through your visualization, and feelings. Both affirmations and incantations are powerful tools for helping you get the energy flowing in the direction of your dreams. Use these tools and others. The point is that when you see some of these sign, step on the gas and triple your affirmations, visualization work, meditation, etc. This is the moment of manifesting and you are about to get exactly what you desire. Congrats. For additional information visit: and for a deeper more metaphysical perspective visit:



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