Power of Q: Transformation Using the Qabalah

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The Power of Q will teach you how to attract astonishing wisdom and power through the ancient power of Qabalah. Throughout history, the secrets of the qabalah have helped create millionaire and billionaire, such as King Solomon – the richest man that ever lived!
Ancient Wisdom

“Q” For Qabalah

Secrets of the Tree of Life contained in the Qabalah will transform your life.

QabalahFor the first time in history, the ancient wisdom of the Qabalah revealed without years and years of study and meditation. The Power of Q is a revolutionary program created by Robert Zink. Robert is a master Qabalist, world renowned teacher, speaker and Miracle Mentor. Throughout history, the secrets of the qabalah have helped create millionaires and billionaires, such as King Solomon – the richest man that ever lived!

Mystics have employed the secrets of the Tree of Life and 10 sacred gates of the Qabalah to gain wisdom, power, healing, and spiritual enlightenment. It is said that Solomon himself used the hidden treasures of the Qabalah to obtain incredible, almost miraculous wisdom, wealth and power. Throughout the ages, thousands of seekers of hidden wisdom have sought to invoke the remarkable power of the Qabalah, especially the Tree of life. Many claim the science of Einstein and quantum physics is the simple explanation of ancient knowledge that Qabalists have known for thousands of years.

Dare to invoke your deepest dreams and desires with the POWER OF Q!

What is Qabalah

Qabalah for Everyone

The Power of Q can empower anyone on a path to improvement.

The Power of Q is an audio program that will aid the beginner and even the most experienced Qabalist. This program is a tremendous help to anyone who wants to embellish a life of spiritual light, prosperity, love, health, wisdom, and power. You don’t need any previous experience with the Qabalah to begin receiving amazing results with the Power of Q. We all want to live a life that is in keeping with our deepest desires and dreams, and for centuries this has been but just one of the promises of the Qabalah. Finally, after years of teaching the Qabalah and witnessing with my own eyes the life changing miracles that have manifested in the lives of many of my students, I decided there must be a way to help anyone who wants to absorb the power of the ten emanations (sephiroth) from the Divine Source with minimal training.

These 10 Dvine Emanations act as an accelerator to whatever you desire or need, when you access them during relaxation. The Power of Q is a marvelous form of Qabalistic meditation. The question you must ask before beginning this program is, “What do you want to accelerate?” The Power of Q provides you easy access to the 10 Divine Emanations on the Tree of Live and the power of complete transformation.


The Power of Q will guide through an energy shift in these 10 areas.

  1. Secret wisdom
  2. Understanding of you life purpose
  3. Spiritual enlightenment
  4. Wealth, abundance and prosperity
  5. Power and determination
  6. Love, health and healing
  7. Passion, energy
  8. Knowledge, follow complexities
  9. Intuition, protection, second sight
  10. Incredible growth filled life

The Power of Q will help you make these amazing changes in your life.

  1. Start your own business
  2. Get a new job
  3. Write a book or paint a masterpiece
  4. Increase your intuition
  5. Attract the your soul mate
  6. Overcome obstacles
  7. Have a baby
  8. Overcome a phobia
  9. Buy a new home or car
  10. Be unbelievably passionate for life
  11. Turn fears into confidence
  12. Receive spiritual healing & more…

Attract More, Achieve More – IN LESS TIME

The Power of Q has people all over the world who benefit from using it daily. You will discover that you will want to use the power of the Qabalah on a regular basis too. Whenever you need to attract and achieve something into your life the Qabalah can amplify, intensify and accelerate the manifestation of your desire. Simply chose the sephiroth or emanation from Divine Source that is appropriate, relax, listen to the audio and allow the energies of the Qabalah to do the work. This is not a subliminal, but a traditional evocation of the sacred energies of the each Sephiroth or emanation on the Tree of Life.

Hollywood Qabalah

  Qabalah of the Rich & Famous

The ancient mysteries of the Qabalah are more then a Hollywood fade.

You may have your reservations because you have read all the hype about Madonna and others using the Qabalah. I completely understand. My name is Robert Zink. I have been teaching the Qabalah and the ancient wisdom of the Tree of Life for many years. Trust me, there is more to the Qabalah than what Madonna or Hollywood has told you. The Qabalah is a powerful ancient system of secrets, spirituality and life development. I know that when you to use the Power of Q, you will make important life changes. This is the power of the ancient mysteries coming to life. Forget all the hype and put the Power of Q to work in your life for the right reasons. The Qabalah is here to teach you to join with the Universe to be the creator of your own life and destiny. Dig into the ancient power of transformation with the Power of Q

The study of the Tree of Life is extremely valuable. The Power of Q provides you and easy to use doorway to higher levels of spiritual consciousness. I promise you will develop incredible life benefits and unleash valuable skills. You will receive these incredible abilities and more.

  • Clairvoyance: Strengthen intuition beyond the physical world into the astral planes, the world of angels and more.
  • Psychic Intuition: How to sense spiritual and psychic energy. Learn how to interpret them giving you a positive advantage in every area of your life.
  • Telepathy: Communicate with other humans on a mind to mind level by developing a stronger connection with your greater mind called the Neschamah.
  • Higher Self: Communicate with Higher Self for incredible guidance, inspiration, healing, and light with the ancient secrets of the Power of Q.
  • Psychometry: Know on a deep level past events by feeling objects.

My Desires Manifested with “Q”

Read the success the Qabalah brought to these lives.

The real incentive is what the Qabalah can do for your life, your goals, and your dreams after you begin using the Power of Q. Your life is too important to put this off. The Power of the Qabalah is waiting for you in the Power of Q. I don’t care how much you’ve read, or studied when it comes to the Qabalah; The Power of Q is one of the best life achievement investments you will ever make.

“Hey Robert, I just wanted to thank you for The Power of Q. I have had near deadly asthma all my life, and I purchased your Power of Q back in February. I had no idea how it would effect me in a life changing way. As I listened to it over and over again, until I learned the light centers. One night I was listening, and I began to have my asthma act up. For some reason, you would probably say the Spirit of God within me, or the Higher Genius told me but I felt compelled all of a sudden to visualize my Tiphereth center as this bright swirling yellow sphere of light. I saw it as inflamed or larger like a hurricane, so then I visualized it slowly shrinking until it was about the size of a small Frisbee. I visualized that it was stable I couldn’t believe it my asthma began to go away! No kidding, it was amazing! Now I can use this visualization just as I had previously used my inhaler. 80 percent of the time it gets rid of the asthma completely and 18 percent of the time it reduces the attack. So practically, 98 percent of the time the Qabalah visualization is successful. Thanks again and do not let the naysayers and bring you down. God is making a difference through you.”
~ Jake, TX

“I’d like to strongly recommend the audio program “The Power of Q” to both those new to Qabalah/Kabbalah and those who have studied it for some time. The guided meditations provided me with a fresh, new way to experience the Sephirothic energy, even though I’ve been studying the Tree of Life for many years. The audio program can be used to experience the whole Tree, or a particular Sephira. Very, very helpful for focusing magical work using a particular energy force to increase the effect!”
~C Warner, CA

“I have studied the Qabalah through different schools and systems. I’ve read books and attended classes. It wasn’t until I heard the Power of Q that I went beyond learning and truly experienced the beauty of the Tree of Life. Through it I was able to bring the life changing benefits of the Qabalah into my everyday life and to feel the reality of Divine Love in me.”
~ Scott, NC

“When I first sat down to meditate on the Power of Q, I was very excited. Robert Zink is the first person to put the Tree of Life in such an accessible experience. The Power of Q is definitely life changing. Robert has made the Tree of Life to be less theory and more alive in my everyday life. All the dry books on Qabalah pale in significance when you have the Power of Q!”
~ J. Chaksfield, London, England

“ I really can’t imagine not having the Power of Q as an assets in my spiritual arsenal.”
~ M. Williams, Atlanta, GA

“The Power of Q allows for integration of each sephiroth of the Tree of Life. We used the Power of Q for our Qabalah group. A remarkable program for manifestation.”
~ J. Winanas, IL


Power of Q
The Power of Q will teach you how to attract astonishing wisdom and power through the ancient power of Qabalah. Throughout history, the secrets of the qabalah have helped create millionaire and billionaire, such as King Solomon – the richest man that ever lived! Acclaimed Power of Q audio program will guide you through the Qabalistic Tree of Life and help you achieve: ~ Spiritual Enlightenment ~ Secret Wisdom of the Law of Attraction ~ Wealth, abundance, prosperity ~ Passion and Energy ~ Love, Health, Healing ~ Intuition, Protection, Second Sight ~ An Incredible Life filled with Growth CAUTION download links will expire in 48 hours. Please be aware that some downloads require unzipping the files.

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The Power of Q allows for integration of each sephiroth of the Tree of Life. We used the Power of Q for our Qabalah group. A remarkable program for manifestation.

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