There are sure signs that the Law of Attraction can be used to help you take your relationship to the next level. This article contains five signs the Universe has called you to a lifetime relationship. These signs are signals that the Universe has called you to be together and that you have someone very special in your life.  Read this list over and as you do, if you notice that what you read applies to you, then the additional use of creative visualization and positive affirmations will only serve to bring the two of you closer.  Remember, in a relationship to never rush anything.  Take your time and allow the relationship to grow and blossom.  As a side note, if you once had a relationship that contained some or all of these signed, it means that your vibration has changed, and that may be the reason you are traveling in different directions.  However, it is easy to get back on track and to bring your hearts into sync together.


5 signs the universe has called you to a lifetime relationship


The universe is calling you to be a lifetime couple if:


1.     You enjoy laughing together.  People who laugh together are happy together.  They find humor is just about everything.  When you and your partner share a great deal of laughter, it means there is a depth of happiness that you share on a soul level.

2.     You both feel comfortable in sharing your deepest secrets and the hidden part of yourself.  When you find that the two of you are sharing secrets and things you would not share with anyone else, the universe is sending you a strong sign that you are begin called to a long term relationship.

3.     The two of you share lots of respect for each other.   It is easy to be attracted to someone, but when attraction moves deeper into the level of loving respect, then you know that the two of you are on the path of a lifetime of love.

4.     The two of you are proud of each other and want to share each other with family and friends.  This is an interpretive sign.  When you have someone you want to share with others, it means that there is something very special about how you feel.  When the two of you share each other with family and friends, you are on the road to a lifetime of love.

5.     You both can see a future together.  This perhaps is the most important of all the signs.  If you find that the two of you are talking about a future together, then you are already practicing the Law of Attraction together.


The secret is to allow the relationship to grow and develop and to visualize your life with the person you love.  If you qualify for just 3 of the five signs above, there is a likelihood that the two of you are being called together by the very heart and soul of the Universe.


You can have the love you crave and desire.  The Universe is filled with love and abundance.  If at anytime you need help, visit us at    Expect nothing less than incredible love and joy.

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