Clearing & Healing Vibrations

Clearing & Healing Vibrations: Sacred Solfeggio DNA Activation

This life changing audio product is available after checkout as instantly downloadable mp3 audio files. These files are zipped. Be sure your device can unzip them before making your purchase.

Clearing & Healing Vibrations will unlock your true potential through the ancient powerful vibrations of the Solfeggio scale. When you clear away fear, pain, and doubt you have room for the energy of the Universe to flow freely.

Experience Complete Freedom

Clearing & Healing

Experience complete freedom as the Sacred Solfeggio vibrations transform your DNA.

Created by Master Alchemists Robert & Rachael Zink. This easy to use program will:

  • HealingClear Away Painful Emotions
  • Banish Negative Energy
  • Melt Away Doubt, Fear, and Pain
  • Invoke Astounding Healing and DNA Repair
  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Awaken Intuition
  • Fill Your Will With Prosperity and Abundance

Based on the ancient and sacred vibrations of the Solfeggio, this program is also filled with powerful, positive subliminals. There is nothing else like it.

Transform your life with these ancient vibrations!

Clearing & Healing Vibrations
Imagine, the freedom you will feel when you are healed. Clearing & Healing Vibrations uses the ancient Solfeggio vibrations to repair and transform your DNA. Sit back and relax as the vibrations take you to a new level of manifestation, clearing, and healing. CAUTION download links will expire in 48 hours. Please be aware that some downloads require unzipping the files.

Relax and enjoy these special healing vibrations!

Healing your DNA with Clearing & Healing Vibrations!

Clearing & Healing Vibrations