There is a debate amongst Law of Attraction teachers. The debate is can you, “attract a specific person for love using the Law of Attraction.”

One of the most ironic paradoxes is that almost every Law of Attraction guru teaches that you can manifest anything you desire, but that you cannot attract a specific person into your life.

Their teachings present a contradiction of beliefs. Either the Law of Attraction is a law, or the law of attraction is merely hopeful wishing.

The truth of the matter is that the Law of Attraction works. Because the Law of Attraction is a law, you can attract a specific person into your life for love, relationship and even marriage.


This article will share with you eight proven steps to help you attract a specific person for love using the Law of Attraction. Read each step and then begin employing all eight steps whenever you are ready to attract that special someone into your life for love, romance, and maybe even marriage.


Before getting to the actual steps, understand that these measures are not some secret magic. We do not condone the wrongful use of the Law of Attraction in any situation be it love, money or business. Therefore use this article with respect for others, and to always bring harmony and love to every person and situation in your life.

attract a specific person

  1. Imagination and Visualization. Set a time each and every day for free form visualization. Shut your eyes and simply think of you and the person you desire to attract enjoying life together. Visualize small things like holding hands, walking on the beach or whatever you are interested in. Do this daily. Never skip a day. Once you have completed your visualization, fall asleep where your visualization can turn into a dream, or come out of your trance and go about your day.
  2. Build a Small Bridge. Do little things on a regular basis to build a small bridge. Start small. Don’t be in a hurry. Perhaps getting her/him a cup of coffee from Starbucks at work or a short text. Keep it light and let the energy flow.
  3. Create Space in Your Life. Even before getting to know each other, begin creating space. You might start sleeping on one side of the bed. Make room in the closet. Hang up another set of towels. Nature hates a void, and sure enough, nature will work hard to fill your void with love, romance, and happiness.
  4. DE clutter old energy. Now is the time to get rid of old photos, letters, or even personal articles that were given by an ex. You can replace the item. Plus you will be clearing your energy and space of old emotional anchors, be they good or bad. Do this step now and begin attracting a specific person into your life to bring about new energy, joy and love.
  5. Clear away all counter intentions. A counter intention is a belief that runs the opposite direction of your desire. You may want a particular person in your life, but you may also believe you don’t have a chance, don’t make enough money, are too fat, too tall, or any other belief counter to your desires. Face these negative feelings head-on. Challenge them and move in the direction of your desires.
  6. Become a suitable container. Essentially this means that a spaghetti colander is not a suitable container to hold water. Likes attract likes. If the object of you desire has a healthy body and works out, you better start hitting the gym. Create yourself into the kind of persons that he/she will be attracted to Become a suitable container.
  7. Talk to them nightly. This idea may sound a little strange, but it works. Every night as you fall asleep, begin talking to them as if the two of you already in a healthy loved relationship. Reinforce the idea that you love being with them and you are so grateful that they love being with you. Do this step nightly.
  8. This or something better. Yes, you read that correctly. The most important thing you can do is trust the Universe or Source energy. You may desire to attract a specific person, but the Universe may have someone far better in line. Trust the Universe and always focus on your desire, or something better.


Never give up on your dreams, desire and especially your heart. Work with these eight tips and apply them daily. If you feel you need deeper and more personalized mentoring, visit us at



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