By Robert Zink

If you sincerely desire real results and desire to manifest your dreams, you will benefit when you t perform these simple ceremonies for at least 21 days straight (the time it takes to get into a new habit)!
No shortcuts, I guarantee you will see the results unfold in your life and you will be blown away with the increased income, incredible love, and abundance and happiness.  Manifesting Rituals

Let’s take a closer look at these simple rituals:

Practice mindfulness- by this I mean watch your thoughts! No negative thoughts. Practice supplementing all your thoughts with new positive thoughts. No more doubts, worries, fears. Every day wake up and start with positive thoughts and say them out loud. No more criticizing yourself, but instead feel empowered about your accomplishments. Immediately change your station and be mindful.
This one step will make a massive difference in your manifestation success.
As your inner world changes so shall your outer world! Manifesting your Desires will become easier.
Practice happy kinesthetics- by this I mean to learn to do things that make you FEEL good. Do simple things you enjoy like cooking or running, writing, or learn something new you have always wanted to do and be consistent with it. The practice of feeling based rituals is crucial for your success and should be invoked 2x a day. Do something you enjoy and make yourself feel good! This routine will change your direction to one of higher vibration. You can feel the happiness without any real effort because you are enjoying yourself! You can manifest your Desires with daily practice.
Practice inspirational rituals daily. By this I mean, keep inspiring yourself through your actions! Expand your energy field by reading, writing, journaling, watching videos and emulating what you read.
Do one ACTION per day and watch how your energy and mood shifts to positivity!

Your soul is in a state of constant change and growth! If you resist this or try to stop it, you will be surrounded by constant stress and strife. Be in an allowing state! Even the smallest of actions is letting the universe know you are allowing and able to receive. The change you desire will be inevitable!
It is all based upon your efforts to desire and truly be able to change your life through these simple manifestation rituals.  Connect to the universe through your thoughts and actions, and you will see the changes start happening.

You will start manifesting your Desires when you apply these DAILY rituals. So, no time like the present to get started.

You will enjoy doing and feeling positive things to achieve a higher vibrational frequency and state of mind. Watch as your world changes, and you start to practice these rituals and become empowered and see the results you desire.

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